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Download the April 2022 album The Laundromat Next Door here.
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Ronald Martin Gray lived from 3/28/1923 thru 12/17/2012.  He joined the army after high school to fight in WWII as the member of a tank crew in France and Germany.  Upon his return to the US, he became a disc jockey; met and married Bonnie Lyons, raised four children and eventually retired from a job at the post office.  He never learned to read music, yet became a talented harmonica player, and was proficient playing guitar/ukelele, piano, calimba, and ocorina.

These are his recordings of songs that were popular in his time.

3 out of the 4 piano pieces are his own compositions.

Insanity Suite

Soft Pedal Serenade

Graze Boogie